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FOX News
Aug 25, 2009 3:00pm EDT
, the finance committee, chaired by max baucus of montana, helped up by chuck grassley of iowa. if they include a plan that does not include a public option and will satisfy liberals and attract conservatives, there is a new ball game that could eliminate the possibility of a government takeover of this public option. however, if the finance committee cannot, that is a signal reconciliation is looming. shepard: if he cannot tell it to republicans, he will not be able to sell it. >> basically, and it depends whether or not the president's own pleasures hold up. can they do this without destroying the insurance market, without limiting the relationship and services a doctor provides? shepard: if you are interested in reconciliation, how it has been used, you should go to google and google it. there are probably a lot of citations of your senator. do your own research. it is too important to just listen to me about. that is foreshore. all right. i want to move on to your story today. the democrats are trying to repacked the message today? >> is the reset button, and they are punching
FOX News
Aug 13, 2009 3:00pm EDT
hold two town hall meetings tomorrow in colorado and montana. he has trouble to win over opponents, but that does not seem to be hurting his popularity. according to a brand new fox news opinion dynamic poll, 53% of registered voters say they approve of the president's job performance tree that is a new low. 40% say they disapprove. shannon bream is in washington, d.c. it is interesting to watch the president at these town hall meetings. >> he is so charismatic and he is such a good communicator that during the campaign, thousands of people showed up. now when he goes to the town hall meetings, he is meeting different crowd to have tough questions for him. they want him to back up the rhetoric. the reality of getting stuff done is much tougher. a lot of americans are losing confidence in the president's ability to do that when it comes to health care reform. shepard: where do they see the strategy as having misfired? >> initially, it was put together that we have a lot of people are not covered, and you need to care about your neighbor. when people look at the number and found out that
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 3:00pm EDT
hand-pick, not. -screened. montana was a closely contested states in the general election, so it is possible that there will be more skeptics, more confrontational questions. but when push comes to shove, most americans are not faced-to- face confrontational with their president. it does not happen. it is part of the with our relationship to the presidency works. so there may be skeptics, but mainly, it will be deferential and polite because that is how they always happen. shepard: they have been running it up. of the trawlers off the church. -- the vitriol is off the charts. >> yes, and max bacchus -- john tester, the state has been there. in statewide elections, it was very hard fought, and that was a bit unusual. so they could be a bit more sympathetic to the democratic line of argumentation. even by historical standards, it might not be as revved up or vociferous or whatever you might use it on this topic. no matter what the question. shepard: it appears clear to me, and correct me if i'm wrong, that the white house was caught after guard by the level of resistance here. and tho
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3